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In Acquire, you plan, build, and own the next super city. Investors predict it will emerge as a prime location for entertainment, fashion, food, marketing, and other major industries. Players compete with other venture capitalists to build the city, and own majority shares in the most lucrative corporations. Players make money by forming, merging and expanding corporations, plus buying the right stocks at the right time. Who will end up being the richest investor in Saxon City? If you could go back in time, would you know where to put your money to make a fortune?

Win by being best at balancing your short-term goal of fulfilling contracts for cash with your long term goals of building corporate infrastructure, and controlling markets and regions. Struggle to dominate world markets and control resources regionally. In Startup Fever, you play as company founders in Silicon Valley. You’ll manage money and employees , and allocate them to the right products. Investing in engineers creates better products, who attract more users, who generate money. This game goes back to the invention of cars and let’s you participate. Strike the best balance, shift the right gears to beat your rivals, and you’ll be rich.

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Intentional Children covers every topic and conversation you’ll need to have with your kids about how they spend and how they think about money. raising money-smart kids, reaching your own financial freedom, and spending money God’s way. Expand your interests, acquire companies that provide an edge on the competition, and more efficient use of resources. The venture-capital market is giving away money, and you don’t even have to pay it back, but it does tie up valuable agents until you do. Global Mogul is a limited action, worker placement, resource acquisition and opportunity management game.

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We ship from Plano, TX and transit time varies between 2-5 business days for most deliveries. Once you split up into two teams, there are two rounds to test your knowledge. The first round is a speed battle of naming song titles, while the second is a mix of Charades and Jeopardy where you have 30 seconds each to describe or perform three songs from three different bands. There’s only one Notorious RBG, but you can still try to convince your friends and coworkers otherwise. Win the game by persuading others to join your side of the argument. Funko has plenty of last-minute options available to keep you and your immediate friends and family entertained throughout the holiday season. The pieces are astronauts, rovers, spaceships, and satellites.

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Of course, the game’s most classic spaces — passing Go, going to jail, chance, and community chests, are all the same. If Mars isn’t enough, turn your sights on this selection of expansions on the base game, which takes you to the deadly atmosphere of Venus and beyond, as the colonising of the Solar System continues.

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You’re going back to 18th-century Lancashire, England, just before the Industrial Revolution. You’ll be given the opportunity to take advantage of the coming change, but it’s up to you to figure out how you do it. We must admit, Too Many Bones is extremely slow out of the gate. The rulebook is thick and seemingly organized for maximum confusion, so you’ll likely stumble through your first adventure.